IOIO Arduino Shield Adapter

The idea of this project is, to use all Arduino Shields I own to use on the IOIO board.

ioio-shield 024_5_6_tonemapped.tif.jpg


The IOIO Arduino Shield Adapter (IOIO ASA) is the missing link between the Arduino and the IOIO world.
All 14 digital IOs and the 6 Analog inputs has been mapped on IOIO pins. All digital pins are 5V tolerant, most of them can be used for special functions, like UART, SPI, PWM. SIL resistors arrays can be added to the digital IOs as PullUp resistors, needed for true 5V output in open drain mode. The analog pins are connected through voltage dividers, because the IOIO analog pins are not 5V tolerant. The special function TWI on A4/A5 are realized with a Jumper to switch between analog / I2C on these pins.
ioio-shield 021_2_3_tonemapped.tif.jpg
The Arduino Side of the IOIO ASA
ioio-shield 018_19_20_tonemapped.tif.jpg
The IOIO side of the IOIO ASA


The Pinout is showing the mapping between IOIO and Arduino pins.

Ausgangsspannunganalog 0..3V


The video shows the IOIO ASA with an ArduMoto shield from SparkFun.

IOIO-Arduino Shield Adapter
Dieses Video ansehen auf YouTube.


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