LMR Logo Bot

This is my first attempt on building an ‚arty‘ bot.

I didn’t know before I started, that this would be the most time instensive robot I ‚ve ever build. But I’ve learned a lot of new things like: painting, polymorph etc.

As the name suggested, it should look like the robot in the LMR logo. I am not sure if it looks similar, but ok, this is my first art work, so be patient with me.


As usual, an Arduino clone has been used for the electronic brain. To hide most of the electronic stuff, a brain from Polymorphhas been created.



The robot platform is the Robot Rover for Arduino from Robot Shop, decorated with sheets of Polystyrene. The most difficult part was to color the black tracks into yellow.



  • 2 Maxbotix EZ1 ultrasonic sensors for obstacle avoiding. They fits perfectly into the 35mm film rolls I’ve been using as robot eyes.
  • 2 LDRs for ambient light detectors

All sensors has been put together with the Duo LEDs into the film rolls. See my blog post about howto connect 2 ultrasonic sensors.



  • A LVDSMC from Pololu has been choosen as motor controller for the GM9 1:143 geared motors. Build with FETs it brings the most power out of 4 AA cells for the motors.
  • 2 Duo LEDs (red/green)  as distance indicators. No object in sight meens green LEDs are glowing, in a middle distance of 30cm the LEDs glow yellow. Near objects are shown red.
  • A BlinkM RGB LED will illuminate the Polymorph brain, to indicate the robots emotions.


Update: 05.03.2010

A POV (persistence of vision) display has been added to the LMR Logo-Bot. Now the robot can write messages of light into the air. Because of the low speed of the robot the messages can only be seen by a bulb exposure taken with my digicam. In the second video you can see the POV display in action.


The POV display is made out of 8 blue LEDs. Because I don’t have enough free ports a PCF8574 I2C port expander chip has been used to connect the POV display to the Arduino.


Further work:

  • the front servo needs to be move a little bit, to give more place for the POV display.
  • I’ve ordered some RGB LEDs for the brqain illumination
  • Hack the GM9 motors to add wheel encoders


Dieses Video ansehen auf YouTube.

Dieses Video ansehen auf YouTube.

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