MURCS – Multi Use Robotics Construction System

This is MURCS – Multi Use Robot Construction System. My first self design chassis using laser cutted parts. Today the parts arrived and I have quickly assembled them for a foto shooting.


Here is a different setup using only the lower chassis plate. The neon green chassis looks great.


The design was made with SketchUp, my favorite tool for 3D design. This is a early design using a second platform.

For the laser cutting layout I use Inkscape. Export from SketchUp into SVG has been done with SVG Outline Plugin. All Parts fit on a single plate of 181x181mm, 3mm acrylic.

A second plate is available for expansions. and a 3rd plate with wheeel encoders (0,8mm PP).

This robot will be shown at Maker Faire Hannover in August.




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