RGB LED Christmas Star

Hi LMRtians,

this is my actual christmas project. A star build out of Plexi and an Adafruit RGB LED strip. Controlled by an Arduino controller. It will be used as christmas decoration behind a window of our house. Looks pretty cool at night.

The RGB LED strip is a great device for this. You can control the color and intensity of each single LED. Only 2 Arduino pins are needed to control 60 or more RGB LEDs. The LED strip is like one big serial shift register. A ready-to-use library can be downloaded at GitHub.


  • Arduino 328
  • 60x RGB LEDs (2m) Adafruit RGB LED strip
  • sheet of Plexiglass 50x25cm 3mm thick
  • Wires, 4pin connectors male/female


The RGB star was created with Google SketchUp. The first sketch shows the prelimary result:


For better usage of the plastic sheet, the star is cutted into pieces (5 triangles, 1 pentagram)


The front view of the finished RGB star:


The backside view is showing the RGB LED strip. It is cut into pieces of 5 segments with 12 RGB LEDs. For a more homogenious design the segments are splitted into pieces with 4 and 8 RGB LEDs. The RGB LED strip can be cut down into pieces as small as 2 RGB LEDs


Later expansions:

At the moment only a slightly modfied Adafruit example is running. Later on I will add an IR Receiver to switch between different modes of operation or change duration time and color with an IR remote.



Dieses Video ansehen auf YouTube.

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