Spurt – Line following Beambot

Spurt is a brainless line following Beambot. It is based on the Spurt-Mobil from the University of Rostock / Tech. University of Berlin. It is a very cheap robot platform, easy to build.


Parts needed

2x motors Mabuchi FF180 12V
2x rolling bearings 680
6cm round bar from beech 8mm
2x wood dowels 8mm
1x ballon
2x BC337 NPN transisitors
1x CNY70 photo reflex coupler
1x 1.2kOhm resistor
1x 470Ohm resistor
1x 47Ohm resistor
1x 9V battery
1x battery clip
20cm wires red/black
1 piece of veroboard
3x 2pin headers/female headers

The scematic is quite simple. The CNY70 refelective sensor is connected to transistor T2. On a white surface the photo transistor is on and T2 drives the left motor, T3 is switched off. On a black surface the photo transistopr is off and T2 is switched off, too. T3 is switched on, driving the right motor. This is how the robot is navigating between the black line and the white area.
All electronic parts has been placed on a littel piece of veroboard. It is easier to replace the electronics for further work.
The chassis is made of wood. An ice cream stick holds all the part, attached with hot glue. The motors have no gears. Lline shafts build from a ballon has been used to drive the wheels (standard inline skater rolling bearings).


The video shows the Spurt robot in action.

Spurt - Line follower Beambot
Dieses Video ansehen auf YouTube.

Further work

I think about a double line sensor board, a light follower board and an obstacle avoider beambot. Maybe a CPU based version later.

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